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Tasarım ALATURKA / Rafineri

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Bir grup reklamcı bir araya gelmiş ve Media Cat' in üç ayda bir farklı bir reklam ajansına emanet ettiği derginin bu seferki içeriğini 'Tasarım Alaturka' olarak belirlemiş. Oldukça yaratıcı ve eğlendirici bu sergi  reklam okuduğum için ayrı bir ilgimi çekti. Özellikle 90 lardan bir çok alaturka motif ve  gönderme var. Bir de Kader Kısmet adındaki sosyal sorumluluk projesi olan sergide Sulukuleli kadınların nakış motifleriyle işlediği  Orhan Gencebay t- shirtlerinden elde edilen  gelir projeye kaynak yaratmak için  kullanılıyor. Sergiyi 30 Mayıs gününe kadar  Akaretler Sıraevler No:10' da ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

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Namazte: Çifte huzur yaşamak isteyenlere bir yüzü yoga mat, bir yüzü seccade

One Minute Rolex

Serin Devlet 

Batsın Bu Dünya


 Laylom Torba: Naylon torbadan vazgeçemeyenlere sınıf atlatan aksesuar

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A Personal Collection of Vivienne Westwood Shoes/Harvey Nichols

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1992 yılında Kraliçe Elizabeth tarafından ''Officer of the British Empire'' ünvanı alan Vivienne Westvood ' un ilham kaynağı nedir diye düşündüren inanılmaz tasarımları...Sadece fotoğraf çekerken bile kendimi kaybettim. Henüz ziyaret etmediyseniz son gün 2 Haziran!

Animal Toe Bag Boot
Collection:Winter Year:A/W 2000
Ladies boot with shoe and upper in green, raw cut silk with special profiled working on the toes and drawstring fastening at the ankle to create the exaggerated ''bag'' shape.

Plastic Bondage Boot
Seasonal Production Year:S/S 2008
This unusual green plastic bondage boot was created as a showpiece for the Spring/Summer 2008 catwalk collection, and was not made available for general sale.

Roman Boot
 Seasonal Production Year:A/W 2008
A Provocative and powerful boot with suede and patent black leather upper, oppen toe, gold brocade, flared upper shaft, three black buckled straps, stiletto heel, leather lining and gold coloured leather sole.

Cossaco Boot Purple Suede
Collection: Le Flou Taille Year: A/W 2003
Upper and leg in cyclamen suede, stiletto heel, covered in the same cyclamen suede pompom attached to the knee.

Elevated Pirate Boot / Package Print
Collection: Blue Sky Year: S/S 2004
Westwood ' s ''Blue Sky'' collection saw her put her historical interests to one side to explore the potential of using clothing to re-shape the body. As in the 1981 'Pirate' collection she returned to the use of rectangles, triangular gussets and free-form cutting to work with the natural dynamics of fabric.

Canvas Slashed Clog Sack Boot
Seasonal Production Year: S/S 2010
These cut and slashed white canvas sack boots future a peep toe for Spring/Summer with contrasting black front vamp, centre shaft and back stripe, wooden tone leather sole and heel and white laced closure at the shaft that creates the ruched 'sack' effect when worn.

Armour Boots
Collection: Red Label Year: A/W 2011
Chrome thigh boots with stiletto heel, created for  the Red Label collection of Autumn/Winter 2010.
According to Westwood, the woman who would wear these boots is an art lover. Art gives meaning to her life and encourages her to face the world.

Black Spike Sex Shoe
Collection: SEX Year: Late 1970's
Black leather court shoes with two rows of metal spikes at the heel. These shoes demonstrate the fetish nature of this collection and Westwood's attraction to 'forbidden' clothing.
'' All the clothes i wore people would regard as shocking I wore them because i thought that i looked like a princess from another planet''

Snake Shoe
Collection: Man Year: A/W 2005
Men's shoe with brown leather upper , rubber toe and sole unit, leather lining and insole, low heel and fastening at the instep with emerald green laces.

                                                         Court Shoe- Gold Cracked Leather
 Collection: Peep Show Year: A/W 2007
Gold Cracked leather upper with leather covered heel, brown leather tassel decoration at the toe and leather sole. Westwood again shows how her work can be both glamorous and sumptuous , whilst challenging ideas of identity and gender.
Prostitute Stiletto
Collection: Portrait
Year: A/W 1990
Westwood' s oppulent and extravagant 'Portrait' collection was created at a time when minimalism was becoming fashionable. She used designs inspired by eighteenth century art, featuring black velvet dresses overprinted in gold, and intended to suggest  that her models had just stepped out of a painting.

Three Strap Prostitute Shoe- White Patent Leather
Collection:On Liberty Year:1994
White Patent leather upper with three straps; two at the instep and one at the ankle. This shoe was made using the same technique as the super elevated shoe, using one piece of leather in the construction. The shoe has a 12 cm. Louis heel covered in the same leather.

 Elevated Ankle Boot
Collection: Dressed to Scale Year: A/W 1998
Ankle boot with raw cut edges,white stitching, yellow and brown laces and a leather covered stiletto heel.

 Black/Burgundy Spectator Prostitute Shoe
Collection: On Liberty Year: A/W 1994
The spectator shoe is characterised by the use of two materails, offen of different colours, with exposed stitching on one of the materials.
Westwood' s version has an elevated, covered front platform and stiletto heel that direct the wearer's posture and emphasises the idea of constriction as a way to define the body.

 Seditionary Boot
Seasonal Production Year: S/S 2010
A re-issue of the original boot from the 1976 'Seditionaries' collection, updated for Spring/ Summer 2010. These boots feature a tan leather and canvas upper, two strap detail and metal buckle fastening with leather heel and leather sole.

Super Elevated Gillie - Mock Croc Leather
Collection: Anglomania Year: A/W 1993
Naomi Campbell famously fell on the Paris catwalk in 1993 wearing an electric blue pair of these spectacular shoes. The particular pair that were responsible for Campbell' s downfall are now in the collection at the V&A. Westwood 's obsession for exaggreation and distortion has certainly resulted in some very challenging designs.

Seditionary Boot
Collection: World End Year: S/S 2002
Men's boot in black leather and canvas, seven hole lace fastening, brown and yellow laces, contrasting brown trim and leather sole.

 George Cox Seditionary Boot
Collection: Seditionaries Year: 1976 Re-issued 2002
These Brothel Creepers invented by George Cox in 1949, regained popularity in the early 70' s when they were sold in the boutique 'Let It Rock' in London' s King Road.

Three Tongue Trainer 
Collection: Witches Year: A/W 1983 Re-issued 'Worlds End' 1995
Inspired by New York graffiti artist Keight Haring, the three tongues in the trainers are intended to represent the freeze frame effect of strobe lighting and the jerky sound of rap music. The 'Witches' collection was the final collaboration between Westwood and McLaren.

Pirate Boot
Collection: Pirate Year: 1981 Re-issued: 2007
Flat boots in brown squiggle print leather, fastening with metal buckles and natural leather straps.

Anglophilia Bag Boot
Collection: Anglophilia Year: A/W 2002
This shoe features the signature Westwood animal toe, the body of which is enveloped by a slouched sack in soft suede that draws up arround the wearer's ankle and is tied with long beige laces. This shape of boot was first seen in the 1982 'Buffalo' collection.

Tracy Trainers-Gold Leather
Collection: Summertime Year: S/S2000
After a photograph of Victoria Beckham wearing these trainers was printed in one of the tabloid newspapers, questions were raised by Adidas as to the ownership of the three stripe motif. Three stripes have not been used in this way since.

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